We give you

and control.

We are eCraft. We help you develop effective, efficient and competitive business processes. Your users, regardless if they are employees, customers or partners, get modern consumer-grade user experiences while management retains control and visibility into the processes.

We achieve this through a combination of expertise in cutting-edge IT technology and a deep understanding of businesses and their processes.

Our goal is to help you and your company become more competitive and see a real return on your investements into IT and ERP. We do this by providing you with four key capabilities.






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For customers in Finland and for large corporations headquartered in Finland we offer the following services:

Full Lifecycle ERP Services

We help you develop and drive your business using Microsoft Dynamics NAV & AX ERP systems.


We offer standardized, modular and easy to deploy ERP solutions for small & medium-sized companies.


We automate and integrate your marketing, sales and customer services processes using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

BI and Business Steering

We concentrate on growing your business. In addition to consulting services our offering consists of QlikView analysis software as well as cloud based Adaptive Insights business planning and consolidation system.


We offer apps that address specific problems of complicated business systems by providing your users tools that focus on easy and efficient execution of processes.

Application Management Services

Our application management services help larger companies and enterprises create and support custom business applications in long-term partnerships.

Office applications

We increase the productivity of your employees with Office 365, delivering all the Office applications to you from the cloud.

Infra services

We take care of and develop your entire IT infrastructure, including hardware, licences and continuous proactive support.

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From our offices in Malmö and Stockholm we provide products and services that extend Infor M3 and related products. This offering is based on delivering on the following promises:

ROI on your existing investments in ERP

We show you how you can rethink what ERP means for your business, realize major returns on your ERP investment, and at the same time meet and exceed changing market demands.

The ability to execute strategic change

We support you when you make fundamental changes that evolve the way your business works and where M3 needs to become a key supporting tool for the processes.

Streamline processes through standardization

We provide standard Apps for common process areas where we free users from the constraints of M3 panels and let them focus on efficient execution of business tasks.

Continuous improvement of your ERP system

We give IT departments tools for faster continuous improvement and delivery on business requirements. Go for a significantly improved user experience and performance on M3, Smart Office and Workspace, while at the same time decreasing your dependency on consultants.

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