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Our work combines a broad understanding of business processes and solutions, UX expertise, and a deep understanding of analytics, forecasting, and machine learning (Artificial Intelligence).

Huge amount of data is being generated each day. We help you handle the masses of information created by your business through better business insight, process optimization and enhanced user experience. We provide ERP, Field Service, CRM and BI solutions and services for your unique business needs. Customized application development services complete our service offering. We also provide services for supporting and maintaining your business solutions.

Our goal is to provide the best, most efficient and most user-oriented solutions for your business, so we pay special attention to the user experience.

Our services

We are a digitalization partner of our customers. For twenty years, we have been delivering business-oriented services for our customer’s needs. We create business solutions to support our customers' ERP, Field Service, CRM, analytics and reporting, sales and marketing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Manage and integrate your sales, marketing and customer service.
You can solve challenges in customer relationship management and improve your sales through a combined CRM solution.
Using a modern and comprehensive CRM system you can improve your sales productivity and allow your salespeople to spend more time with your customers.
With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution (Sales, Marketing, Customer Service), you take advantage the full potential of your customer information. A modern CRM system includes sales, marketing, and customer service tools that help you to improve customer relationship management in an efficient way.
Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)
Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)
We focus on the usability of your ERP system.
We deliver agile Microsoft ERP systems that bring together key areas of your business.
The ERP system brings together the most important processes of your business, such as sales, warehousing, production, delivery and finance. A modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helps you to manage your business more efficiently, to automate processes, and to get a better view of your whole business.
Our eCraft Template delivery model enables a faster, more flexible and more manageable ERP implementation project.
We rely on our long experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Systems such as Finance and Operations (AX) and Business Central (NAV) - and so do our customers.
Business Insight (BI)
Business Insight (BI)
Information management solutions: Business Intelligence analytics, forecasting and budgeting.
We help our customers to integrate knowledge management, or business intelligence, into their corporate culture.
Business Intelligence basically means using BI tools and business information to make decisions. However, we want to develop Business Intelligence further. We help our customers to include knowledge management into their corporate culture – this is what we call Business Insight.
We help our customers to achieve their business goals through consulting and state-of-the-art systems. We rely on Adaptive Insights, Microsoft, and Qlik solutions to support our vision of controlled knowledge management.
User Experience and Application Development
User Experience and Application Development
You will not gain a competitive advantage by using the same systems as your competitors, it will be created with new innovative services and applications.
Our policy is to map and understand your business goals and challenges. This enables us to provide agile solutions and services that are tailored to your business needs, and can be flexibly scaled and modified without upgrading or replacing existing business systems. Optimizing and improving the usability of business systems with the help of modern technology and building unique additional services play an important role.
Digital services need to support the business of the company from the end users to the management of the company. The keystones of our services are: usability and business design (AX / UI), application development (Mobile Apps, Web Portals, Dashboards) and integrations.
Field Service
Field Service
Does your company have mobile staff who work in the field and you optimize the tasks and resources to maximize productivity? Do you have service business or field service business? Our Field Service solution is for you.
Field service solution makes everyday life easier and more efficient.
Real-time information and responding to changing situations are challenges for mobile workers. Our field service solutions are designed to optimize and make work more efficient, for the management and for the staff. With the right tools in the field and outside of the office (?), you can save time and costs.
Field service management is not tied to a specific system. We provide mobile field service solutions for both CRM and ERP as well as fully customized field service applications for customer specific needs.
Infra Services
Infra Services
We deliver and maintain infrastructure services tailored to your business needs and business size for your hardware environment.
We assist our customers in purchasing, maintaining and upgrading IT systems and networks. We stay on our customers side throughout the life cycle and react quickly to changes.
We manage your company's IT infrastructure with solid expertise. We provide you a right-size IT environment and maintenance service for you company. We also assist with network acquisition and maintenance and upgrade of IT systems.
eCraft M3 Solutions
eCraft M3 Solutions
Usability and a better user experience for your existing system.
We help you and your Infor M3/Movex system get to the Forefront of digitalization.
We help you digitalize, automate and continuously improve your business processes through innovative business software solutions for Infor M3/Movex. In an increasingly fast-paced global business climate we enable you to meet the ever-expanding needs of your business and your users.

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International Implementations
International Implementations
International organizations typically face similar challengies in their IT implementation projects. We help you to implement your ERP system across the globe with local resources and our expert onboarding, training and full support.
In order to serve you the best possible way in your global ventures, eCraft has partnered with Pipol, the world's largest international provider of consulting and implementation services based on Microsoft Dynamics.
International organizations typically face similar challenges when embarking on a cross-countries implementation ERP projects. These include local statutory requirements, language barriers, cultural differences such as unusual business hours or week-long holidays and infrastructural issues like broadband availability which can all jeopardize successful local implementation.
Take on board an expert who has local resources and implements your ERP based on best practices and tight project management. We help you through the transformation on time and on budget.

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I'm sure that the best partner to deliver this solution in Finland is eCraft, I have no doubt about it! We solved problems together at workshops and everything was very interactive. I think that's the way it should be done nowadays. We learned the features of the solution and how to use the system at the same time.

Stefan Forsström Vantaan Energia


Our customers are respected large and midsize Finnish companies who believe in our professional skills. Together with our customers, we have been developing solutions to enhance production, sales, marketing and customer service for over 20 years.

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