About us

We firmly believe that work needs to be both interesting and challenging without forgetting the fun.


Our way of working

We are a partner in the digitalization of our customers' core processes.

eCraft is an IT and consultancy company whose services include ERP and CRM solutions, business intelligence and analytics consulting as well as application development and IT infrastructure services.

eCraft employees over 280 experts whose capabilities combine deep customer understanding and the latest technology as well as strong know-how in analytics and data management. eCraft is forerunner in Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and the leading Adaptive- and Qlik consultancy company in Finland.

We want to enable the business of tomorrow for our customers, but also be an employer who invests heavily in our employees’ wellbeing and continuous development and training. eCrafters work in offices in Espoo, Vaasa, Tampere and Turku, Finland as well as in Malmö, Sweden.

Why eCraft

A satisfied employee is a treasure for the employer. eCraft is built around people - our employees are our face to the outside world and our most important resource. They make us what eCraft is all about.

Over 20 years of expertise



Professionals at work


“We are the number one in our industry and doing the same things already today that others will do tomorrow.”

Infra Team Lead


31,7 M€




offices in Espoo, Tampere, Vaasa, Turku and Malmö


“In fact, inspirational work and open corporate culture are main reasons why I’m working for eCraft”

D365 Consultant


40 000

eCraft solution users globally


Our culture

We appreciate you. We want to see your growth. Do it with us.

One third of life is spent in the workplace. That is why we believe that the workplace itself must be fun to come by and the work must be interesting.

There must be an appropriate balance between challenge and fun at work. Best of all, we can all be totally ourselves with all our mistakes!

We are the mainstay of our work, not part of the machinery. That is why we hope that each of our employees will bring new perspectives and ideas to our operations. You can influence your work and where and when you work.

We strongly invest in our employees, their well-being and their potential for self-improvement. A dense work atmosphere and culture are our resources. We invest heavily in community support and support this by organizing a variety of recreational activities on a monthly basis. We spend time together in an office and outside of the office – you will get a place with a big group of friends with us. Contact us!

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