1000 Integrations
40000 Users globally
Users globally
400 Created apps
Created apps
200 Employees
Specialized in making your business more competitive

Specialized in making your business more competitive

We are the advisors, consultants and technical executers of the digital world. We help you manage your business with optimized business processes and better insight.

More than 2,5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated each day. We help you handle the masses of information created by your business through better business insight, process optimization and enhanced user experience. 


Our way of working

We put quality first

We put quality first

The quality of our work is a combination of our passion to develop our customers’ competitiveness through innovation, our culture of long-lasting collaboration with everyone we work with, and our way of work that ensures full transparency and support throughout our mutual journey. 

Innovate the future
Innovate the future

Innovate the future

We do not believe in executing yesterday’s ideas but instead we try to take our customers somewhere they have never been before through cutting-edge technology and new ideas. 

Long-lasting relationships
Long lasting relationships

Long-lasting relationships 

Long-term collaboration is deeply ingrained in our culture at eCraft. Out of 10 of our initial founding year customers, 8 are still with us. Over the years there have been plenty of changes – people, systems, even company names and core businesses of customers – but our collaboration has endured. 

full transparency
Full transparency and reliability

Full transparency and reliability

We encourage full transparency in all our communication, both externally and internally. We want our way of work and all our processes to be fully accessible to all our employees, customers, partners and all other stakeholders. 

learn grow and have fun
Learn, grow and have fun

Learn, grow and have fun

What would work be without having some fun in the midst of it? We firmly believe that work needs to be both interesting and challenging without forgetting the fun. eCraft invests heavily in our employees in both educational training and various recreational activities to which you can have your say in. 

eCraft Oy Ab

We are eCraft

eCraft is a privately owned Finnish IT company founded in 1999 with offices in Espoo, Tampere and Vaasa, Finland and Malmö, Sweden.

We have around 200 professionals specializing in ERP, CRM, BI, customized apps as well as infrastructure services. 

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