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Get rid of the Excel hassle with automated reports and forecasts

Do you want to ease your everyday life and save time from the Excel based reporting hassle? Check our demo about the easy-to-use Power BI tool.

Power BI

Ease your everyday life and save time from reporting tasks with the right tools and data visualizations

Power BI is easy and affordable solution especially for the needs of SMB’s. You will get rid of the Excel hassle, once you automate your company’s reporting with the visual and real-time Power-BI tool. You can combine information from different sources and systems with a real birds-eye view of your business. Running a business is not a guessing game. Even large amounts of data can be shaped into an easy-to-understand form, which allows you to make better informed decisions that are based on real data. With quality data you are also able to anticipate and forecast upcoming trends.


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Mikko Vikman works as a finance consultant at eCraft, read his blog from Microsoft’s web page

09.06.2016 - Mikko Vikman

Reports included in the basic Power BI package:

  • Basic financial reports (turnover/profitability) – An analysis of the company turnover and profitability
  • Accounts receivable – An analysis of accounts receivables based on time and customers
  • Accounts payable – An analysis of the accounts payable based on time and suppliers
  • Sales reports – An analysis of the most common sales KPIs. The data can be analyzed on a monthly, salesperson, customer or item basis.
  • Cash flow statement – An analysis of company’s ability to generate cash on a given timeline.

Frequently asked questions:

How does eCraft’s Power BI solution differ from other Power BI tools on the market?

eCraft’s Power BI includes ready-made financial and sales reports with your business’s most important KPIs. Our BI solutions has been packaged so that you are not paying any extra for the creation of the reports nor for the integration work to your business’s core ERP or CRM systems. Instead, you are paying a set monthly price. Ask a quote for your organization from our sales.

How quickly can I get my Power BI solution up and running?

The implementation of Power BI is quick and easy and can be done simultaneously together with your core (ERP or CRM system) implementation or as a separate project. The tool typically takes a few days to set up.

What does Power BI cost?

You will pay a monthly fee/ user. Ask a quote for your organization from our sales.


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