1. Navigate to Assisted Setup

Open Set up Subscription billing –wizard.

Set default values in the wizard:

  1. Default number series
    1. Use an existing or create a unique number series for your subscriptions
  2. Weather contracts are Prepaid/Postpaid
    1. Determine the default type for payments – do your customers pay in advance or at the end of the period?
  3. Default invoice period in months
    1. How many months do you want your default invoice period to be?
  4. Weather separate invoices should be created
    1. Use this functionality, if you want separate invoices created from all your contract lines in one subscription!
  5. Default Currency
    1. Determine a default currency, if you mostly invoice in some other currency then your system default currency.
  6. Default Dimensions
    1. Define default dimensions for your subscriptions for reporting purposes!

Save and end wizard!


2. Navigate to Subscriptions

Departments / Sales&Marketing / Order Processing or through Search functionality.


3. Create new Subscription

Select New in Subscriptions view.

Press tab to have the next number from the selected number series.

Set Start Date (and End Date) for Subscription.

Select Customer for Subscription.

Set Invoicing data for Customer (Invoicing tab).

Enter line data for subscription:

Select type, No., Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Price Info and Monthly as Invoicing method.

When all relevant information is entered to the line, change the status to “Order”.



4. Invoice Subscriptions

Create invoice from subscription or with the Batch Job from subscription view.

1. From the Batch Job

  1. Select Create Invoices Batch


  1. Set Invoicing month and year, the system shows which posting dates are used for invoices
Setting Invoicing month and year

Invoices are created as standard Sales Invoices.


2. From the Subscription – Select Create invoices

Select invoicing month (Same logic as in previous).