International implementations

International Implementations

International organizations typically face similar challenges in their IT implementation projects. We help you to implement your ERP system across the globe with local resources and our expert onboarding, training and full support. 

Need a partner

Do you need a partner to support your International Transformation?

In order to serve you the best possible way in your global ventures, eCraft has partnered with Pipol, the world's largest international provider of consulting and implementation services based on Microsoft Dynamics.

International organizations typically face similar challenges when embarking on a cross-countries implementation ERP projects. These include local statutory requirements, language barriers, cultural differences such as unusual business hours or week-long holidays and infrastructural issues like broadband availability which can all jeopardize successful local implementation.

Take on board an expert who has local resources and implements your ERP based on best practices and  tight project management. We help you through the transformation on time and on budget. 

International ERP
implementations guide

International ERP implementations

The shortest path to success. This paper will introduce you to the key principles of building quality into a global ERP project and mitigating the risks associated with harmonizing processes across your international organization

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From local to Global quide

Local to Global

Deriving maximum value from harmonization. This paper outlines the importance of identifying and prioritizing the right global business processes to focus on in order to obtain the greatest possible benefits from harmonization.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for international implementations quide

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for international implementations

This whitepaper explains why Microsoft Dynamics NAV is particularly well-suited to support the needs of international corporations that want to implement a uniform ERP system for their subsidiaries worldwide or in a few additional countries.

Globaalit Dynamics ERP-käyttöönoton asiantuntijat ovat aina  käytössäsi

Global Microsoft Dynamics provider

ERP localizations, onboarding, training and support at your service globally

Pipol  is represented in more than 50 countries offering you a single point of contact throughout your transformation. As the official partner of Pipol, eCraft provides you with global presence wherever you are. 

Our experts have an extensive background in international ERP projects and implementations. We will support your internationalization by ensuring you have harmonized business processes and unified business insight across your entire business.

What we offer

  • International implementation strategy- and advisory services
  • Local deployment for both small and large organizations
  • Expert team who has an extensive experience in international projects
  • Help in choosing and implementing infrastructure and solution that best fits your needs
  • Unified processes and systems across the entire organization
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