Better business processes with eCraft Fabric

With eCraft Fabric extensions to your Infor platform you can provide your users with a way of working with M3 that feels natural and efficient. Most importantly though, it places the focus back where it belongs - on effective business processes and getting business tasks done instead of spending lots of time on using an ERP system. Less Software, as we say.


We help you make continuous improvements

There are many tools out there that can be used for building user interfaces on top of M3, but those all tend to rely on extracting data from your ERP, modifying it, and then trying to push it back. We are different.

Our eCraft Fabric technology is a natural extension to Infor M3 that allows for user experiences where M3 data and logic is still used, but can be interacted with in a modern way. All M3 information is displayed in real-time, and changes that the user makes are applied instantly. Because there is no duplication of data and logic the solution is easy to implement, and the whole user experience can be designed to match exactly your needs.

We have extensive experience from hundreds of deliveries that make us the primary experts on advanced user experiences on top of M3.

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eCraft has helped us reduce item setup times with up to 50%. This gives us an excellent foundation for our continued growth.


The combined benefits of standardisation and customisation

At the core of our solutions is M3/Movex and your other business systems. On top of that we provide several layers of building blocks that enable us to deliver reliable business solutions in record time.

Solution-specific functionality

Custom functionality designed to fit your unique business needs.

eCraft Blocks

Ready made code blocks for your most needed business demands and processes. These typically have thousands of users.

eCraft Fabric

Our eCraft Fabric-platform is the technology on top of which we design your solution. It is in use by hundreds of companies all over the world.

Consumer-grade user experiences

We cross boundaries; our apps use the same technologies and design ideas that consumer apps are based on.

M3 remains the master for data and processes

Our apps use all the logic, rules and data that exist in your ERP and other business systems without unnecessary duplication.

Works with all versions of M3

We are version-independent. You don't have to upgrade to the latest version of your ERP to benefit from the possibilities provided by new technologies.

High customer satisfaction

Repeat business is our main measure of success. Because our customers see significant business value in our apps they keep investing in them instead of traditional business solutions.

Simplify with fewer modifications

Drastically reduce your dependency on modifications, third party solutions, and a complicated IT infrastructure based on outmoded ways of thinking.

Protect your ERP investment

Protect your existing ROI. You've invested a significant amount in your business systems. Keep it and grow it.


To find out more about what kind of solutions we've provided our customers with, please look at the examples below.

Field Service

Our Mobile Field Service solution enables a highly mobile workforce of technicians in the field to perform end-to-end service tasks with end-to-end visibility. This includes planned and unplanned maintenance - so new jobs can be created by the field technician on the spot while at the customers. Technicians can easily manage every aspect of service reports, from job creation to collecting signatures for completed work without back office assistance.

Equipment Rentals

Our Equipment Rentals solution offers a customer portal for renting and managing equipment. With a visual catalogue and a simple google-like search you can be sure that your customers will find the equipment that they want to rent. The portal is fully integrated into your ERP which ensures that you have a closed loop that covers your whole rental process.


Goods Receival

Our Goods Receival solution simplifies the receival process in one screen. Just enter your order number to find out if you're receiving a distribution order or a purchase order, then enter in a delivery note number and confirm. The receival is easy and intuitive.

Indirect Procurement

Our solution complements and extends M3 with functionality and mobility so you get an effective and flexible way to handle your indirect procurement process without the need of a 3rd party solution. We offer a consumer-style user experience that works across all mobile devices and, whenever needed, you can work offline.

Manufacturing Scheduling

Our solution outlines capacity issues, delivery issues and time issues, helping you identify material shortages and root causes all in one graphical workspace that is easy to use and understand.

Filter out the work centers that are overloaded. Get a visual overview of all orders and their dependencies. You can see the duration and workload that they create compared to capacity. You can also look at order details like run time, number of workers, status on MO, and status on material.

Manufacturing Reporting

An easy and intuitive way of handling manufacturing reporting in a mobile first designed experience that works cross device. 

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