Jonas Antfolk moves to Malmö

Nicklas Andersson.

Jonas has a MSc in Automation Technology from the Helsinki University of Technology. In the later parts of his studies Jonas focused on how manufacturing's Lean principles could be applied to the software development process. Jonas started working at eCraft in 2006 and went on to become responsible for eCraft´s Vaasa office prior to moving to Malmö. He has been working closely with the team in Sweden for some time and has now relocated to Malmö where he can focus on eCraft International and strengthen the management team.

Jonas says: 

During my time at eCraft I have been working with improving business processes through IT. I have had the privilege to work closely with companies that are very Lean oriented and therefore invest in their business systems to enable continuous improvement and a good flow in the business processes. That has also meant that I have worked closely with the people in the processes to give them tools to perform their work and a better view of the process flow. In moving to Malmö I look forward to continuing that work together with the exiting companies in the M3 family.