eCraft hires usability engineer Peter Bergdahl

Nicklas Andersson.

eCraft hires usability engineer Peter Bergdahl and in doing so reinforces the Malmö Office.
Peter has a broad education: in addition to having studied systems development, graphic design and interaction design he has also studied language, archeology and gender studies. What is more, Peter has practical experience as a business systems user.

Peter says:

"As a trained interaction designer, I have a specialized toolbox, customized to provide solutions that are optimized for both the organization's and the user's needs. I am involved from the beginning of a development project and follow it through to the end from development to delivery. I chart the current system and usage as well as new needs and wishes, create proposals and draw up the new system, produce graphic design, test functions and document the final product. My drive is to give the user the best experience possible."

Peter quotes:

“At eCraft, I feel privileged to work to make the world better for the user!"

Contact information:

Peter Bergdahl
eCraft International
Jörgen Kocksgatan 2
211 20 Malmö
+46 (0) 70 278 2868