Smart Office Day with eCraft and iStone

Nicklas Andersson.

It's on!

Well almost. On February 13th eCraft and iStone will host a joint Smart Office seminar in Malmö. We will show how, as an M3/Movex-user, you can use Smart Office technologies no matter what version of the business system you're using.

Working together, iStone and eCraft make our customers' ERP solutions more usable. We are not satisfied when the customer has a workable solution. In fact we are only satisfied when the customer has a highly usable solution.

The cooperation between iStone and eCraft has benefited many customers. Addtech is one of the customers using M3 and Smart Office. Johan Kvick from Addtech expresses their experience working with us as follows: "We are very pleased with everything from a outstandingly well managed development project to a completely flawless go-live of the app."

You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the day. If you submit them before the event when you register we can prepare the best possible answer for you.

During the day we will be giving away two Usability Business Scans.

There will be three tracks in parallel and we we will demonstrate tangible business value and discuss possible solutions for your needs.