eCraft hires Katarina Milanovic Bajram

Nicklas Andersson.

eCraft hires Katarina Milanovic Bajram and reinforces the Malmö Office in the fields of Economy, Business Administration, Marketing and Communications. Katarina has a broad international education in Economy, Business Administration, Marketing and Foreign Languages.

Katarina says:

"My educational background is a Business/Marketing degree from The American University of Rome, and I have studied in USA, Italy, China and Equador. Furthermore, having a Former Yugoslavian background gives me knowledge of the local languages and markets that will be expanding and playing a more significant role in the global economy. With my broad international education and knowledge, I will contribute to eCrafts development forward."

Coming from the Private Equity and Finance sector, as a business person I could immediately see eCraft's enormous potential and I am highly impressed with what they have been able to accomplish so far. I feel proud and privileged to have the opportunity to work in such an innovative and forward thinking environment.

Katarina's further says:

“I am proud to be working for eCraft as I feel our eCraft Apps help our customers to improve and be more efficient in their business!”

Contact information:

Katarina Milanovic Bajram
eCraft International
Jörgen Kocksgatan 2
211 20 Malmö
+46 (0) 73 731 6644