Working Together Conference 2014

Nicklas Andersson.

At the yearly Working Together Conference, organized by The Movex/M3 Users’ Group on March 24-26, 2014, our customer ArjoHountleigh will present “Improving a global process with an eCraft app and how we got nurses to use M3.”

On Monday March 24th, 2014 there will be a training session “Possibilities to replace IBRIXs using the modern UI technology.”

"Improving a global process with an eCraft app and how we got nurses to use M3."

To improve the global rental process, ArjoHuntleigh has created a tool called ArjoHuntleigh Express. With this eCraft App it is now possible to extend M3 out to ArjoHuntleigh's customers, where managers and users can control their rental orders online from start to finish. This has been achieved without doubling the data and logic that is already in M3. There are currently over 1500 customers and more than 12000 users connected to arjohuntleigh express worldwide and that number continually grows. 

Mariëlle Munniksma, Global Business Process Manager Rental and Jonas Antfolk eCraft

At previous conferences in 2011, 2012 and 2013 Ecophon (Customer Order), GCE (Item - Establishment and maintenance), Getinge (Service Agreement Renewal),  LKAB (Procurement and Plant Maintenance), Micronic (Item Establishment and Maintenance), Milko (shop floor reporting) and MIO (Cash solution) have given similar presentations and shown the audience the remarkable results they have achieved with our eCraft apps.  


Possibilities to replace IBRIXs using the modern UI technology

New and older versions of M3 and Movex.

M3 version 13 does not support IBRIXs. One possibility is to replace these using the modern UI technology. A UI technology that is available even for older versions of M3/Movex is thru the eCraft apps.

Training aims is to concretely go through the tools available and the possibilities linked to specific examples.

The goal is that course participants will be able to qualify their IBRIXs and what is required to replace them.


• What is an IBRIX?

UI, logic and integrations of M3. Are there parts that possibly could be reused? Why IBRIXs does not support V13?

• The different UI tools' possibilities and limitations

Review of the various UI tools. What it means to upgrade an eCraft app and adding on the opportunities that Mashup gives? What does it mean to work in Smart Office and Workspace?

• Mobility

A review of the possibilities of making all or just a part of an IBRIX to a mobile solution

• Evaluating model

Reviewing a evaluation model for the choice of right UI tool (Mashup, eCraft app or an combination of them). We give the course participants a basic model to determine how to replace the IBRIXs.

• Exercise

Exercises linked to concrete examples using the evaluating model

• Summary and reflections.

The program will be presented by eCraft

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