Mikael Berg joins eCraft

Nicklas Andersson.


We are proud to announce that Mikael Berg will join eCraft in January 2015. Mikael will head up our new eCraft office in Linköping focusing on helping customers to use new possibilities offered by eCraft to improve their businesses.

Mikael has a solid background in ERP with more than 14 years of industry experience. During his time at Infor/Lawson R&D he held the position of Director of Concept. Prior to that Mikael served as Senior Project Manager and Management Consultant at Kvadrat, where he focused on providing Lean Management, and Lean Service change management knowledge, to continuously improving organizations.

In addition to being an experienced Lean coach and Lean training professional Mikael also holds a "Lean Leader"-certification within the internationally recognized Lean Competency System, developed by the Lean Research Centre at Cardiff University, and provided through the Swedish PLAN network.

Mikael Berg summarizes our initiative like this:

"eCraft's cutting-edge Business Execution offers the perfect foundation for designing end-to-end custom focused processes that in turn will enable more customer value through among other things a more efficient use of resources."

- Mikael Berg

Our CEO Nicklas Andersson describes it as follows:

"In Mikael we get a unique skill set, the combination of Lean and M3, and the ability to incorporate Lean methods like Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in our design and delivery methodology. This enables us to provide a maximum of customer value creation and to identify additional waste that can be minimized or eliminated in the process. The VSM method ties well in with our usage of highly visual sketches for illustrating the intended system functionality, and lets us map all human activities in the VSM to functionality in the apps we deliver. This ensures that our solutions conform to the flow described in the VSM and that the User Experience factors are considered and optimized according to Lean principles."

- Nicklas Andersson, CEO

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