Patrik Hallberg joins eCraft

Nicklas Andersson.

In April Patrik Hallberg will step into his new role as Director of Alliances and Business Development at eCraft. He will give eCraft another conceptually strong M3-heavyweight, in addition to Bert-Olov Bergstrand. Between the two of them we cover both the technical and the business aspects related to M3.

Patrik has a long history with the Intentia/Lawson company. In his most recent role Patrik was globally responsible for the technical service organization for M3. Prior to this Patrik was involved in building up offshore organizations in both India and the Philippines. Patrik also created the Lawson "solution center"-approach that provided packaged service offerings aimed, for example, at upgrades. During the last three years Patrik has worked with mobile solutions using HTML5, and he signed the first European partnership with Sencha a full 6 months before SAP signed a global partnership with them. Patrik's global network, offshore expertise and experience in building partner networks will be a crucial part of our continued growth and internationalization.

"With Patrik on board we have further increased our ability to fully utilize new UI technologies to create unbeatable business solutions based on M3. An important part of these are upgrades to new versions and opportunities for continuous improvement of processes. Through both Bert-Olov and Patrik we now have access to the heavy methodology expertise that built up the Lawson/Infor Stepwise-methodology, which is still today the basis for how Infor and partners implement and deliver M3. This expertise will now be packaged through an offering that aims at making M3 upgrades significantly more effective."

- Nicklas Andersson