Lars-Olof Larsson joins eCraft

Nicklas Andersson.


We are proud to announce that Lars-Olof Larsson will join eCraft in October as Service Director. One of his first assignments will be to relocate and expand our Stockholm office.

Lars-Olof has a long history with Intentia/Lawson/Infor. At present, he is Practice Director at ICS in the Infor M3 Competence Center, where he is also responsible for the M3 ION black belt team. Earlier, Lars-Olof was seen as the “bridge” between product development and consultancy in the company's critical transition from RPG to Java. He “delivered” more than 1000 “M3 Future Proven” consultants by way of: developing training plans for various consulting roles, leading the development of training courses, overseeing certification processes, and more. Lars-Olof was also deeply involved in building the migration factory in Manila and Sweden, making it possible to migrate M3 customers from RPG to Java.

Before joining Intentia/Lawson/Infor, Lars-Olof worked as a commissioned officer in the Svea Artillery Regiment where he was responsible for problem-based learning, among other things.

"I’m very exited that Lars-Olof Larsson has decided to join us. He was one of my strongest personnel managers when I was at Lawson and he brings a wealth of knowledge about people and customer development. His strong relationship with Infor and knowledge about Ming.le and ION will strengthen our focus and the delivery of solutions built using Infor products. He will not only strengthen our delivery organization, but also our sales organization. He is an important piece on our journey towards becoming a global customer focused company."

- Patrik Hallberg, Director of Alliances and Business Development

"Lars-Olof is a great addition to our team, and will be very important for the future growth of our already world-class delivery organization. His background and focus makes him ideal for his new role, and I’m looking forward to working together with him."

- Nicklas Andersson, CEO