Amanda Bergknut joins eCraft

Ivana Milanovic.


Amanda Bergknut joins eCraft in April 2015 as a UX Lead. 

Amanda has a Masters degree in Interaction Design and a Bachelors degree in Material and Virtual Design, both from Malmö University.

Before joining eCraft, Amanda worked as a lecturer at Malmö University for six years teaching Interaction Design for the Bachelors and Masters programmes. She also taught Interaction Design courses in the university programmes for Graphic Design, Product Design, System Development, Information Architecture, Media, and Communication studies.

Previously, Amanda worked in London as a User Center Design Consultant, with clients from the telecommunications industry, web design arena, and the government sector.

She also worked as a freelance Interaction Design consultant with clients from both the private and public sectors.

“I felt that eCraft had the right mindset when it came to user experience. Traditionally, systems were only designed from a technical perspective. They were developed by developers and no one designed for the users. 
eCraft understands that if you do not think from user’s perspective and involve the user in the design process, that will have negative consequences on the end solution, on the user experience, and on the profitability for the client. It is an exciting challenge to make eCraft apps user-friendly because there are very complex systems in the background, and our job is to make the complex seem simple.”
                                                                                                                           -Amanda Bergknut