Lars Sonnert partners up with eCraft

Ivana Milanovic.


We are glad to announce that we are partnering up with Lars Sonnert starting May 2015. Lars will be working with our clients as a Lean and M3 Lead.

Lars has a long history with ERP experience in a wide range of enterprise processes dating back to 1990. He has been working both in manufacturing and distribution companies with a focus on after-sales, and in the process industry.

Lars also worked as a Competence Centre Coordinator at Intentia for 6.5 years where he was involved in Business solutions development and implementation for customers, where processes are evaluated and non-value-adding activities eliminated.

Lars spent the last 9 years at Toyota Material Handling Europe working as an International Project Manager, where he worked with Business Process Improvements, Change Management and Justification, Supplier evaluations, and Business Case Modelling and Development.

Last autumn, Lars went into retirement, but when the opportunity of working with eCraft came along, he could not pass it up. Lars says:

“Many companies implementing new business systems struggle with projects that drag on and cost much more than anticipated. 
The possibilities that eCraft’s tools and methodologies open up give these companies the ability to quickly trim their business processes and increase competitiveness dramatically. 
When the opportunity to partner up with eCraft presented itself, it was absolutely irresistible to be a part of a team that delivers solutions that I have dreamt of for many years.” 

Nicklas Andersson, CEO, says: 

“We see a great advantage in partnering with Lars, as he brings very strong knowledge and experience to the table which is important for our objective to bring concrete business value to our customers.”