eCraft hires Roger Tennevi

Nicklas Andersson.


We welcome Roger Tennevi to eCraft. Roger has a background in the manufacturing industry, and he has worked with production planning and procurement as part of an organization. Since 1998 Roger worked as an M3 consultant and a key resource for clients in improving the business flow and usage of M3. Roger has been involved in numerous industries, including furniture, automotive, pharmaceutical and breakfast cereals. Because of his background Roger is highly knowledgeable about business processes, and he has a deep understanding and respect for the end user. All this together with his thorough knowledge of M3 will make him an important contributor toward our customer relationships.

“I have been working for 10 years as a M3 user, followed by 15 years as an M3 consultant. My years as an end user have given me a deep understanding for the business processes used in companies. This experience has been and will continue to be a key factor in my work as a consultant. During my years as a consultant the driving force for me has always been a more efficient way of working for the client when using the ERP-system as an information carrier. The decision to join eCraft fits well with my ambition to develop more efficient business processes and the eCraft apps will be a necessary tool to improve our way of working and achieve higher levels of business results for the clients.

I am impressed with the high level of knowledge and long experience found in eCraft, in both the technical and business process arenas, and I proudly look forward to being a part of the eCraft."

- Roger Tennevi