eCraft speaks at Lean seminar in Helsinki

Ivana Milanovic.


eCraft was invited to speak at STO's European Spring Seminar “LEAN - Instrumentation and Management” in Helsinki, Finland, May 21, 2015. The STO Association is an important industry organization in the logistics, ERP and production control sectors in Finland, and a counterpart to Sweden’s PLAN Association. Our speaker was Mikael Berg, Director of Lean Consulting at eCraft International.

Today’s organizations struggle with coordinating their business development and change initiatives. The subject of Mikael’s presentation was: “Do Lean and ERP diverge, or can they be merged into a powerful entity for the whole organization?” eCraft’s mission is just that; to help our customers use knowledge, methods and technology to improve their business by getting Lean, ERP and Financial control to cooperate. Mikael also talked about what benefits companies can gain when this is achieved, and he mentioned some important obstacles as well. The key obstacle being: why this is not actually happening in practice. He also briefly elaborated on some important LEAN and business management philosophies in context, including some of the groundbreaking theories and methodologies from the Swedish author of management literature and eCraft employee, Bert–Olov Bergstrand, Director of Sales. 


photo by: Hannu Räsänen for STO