Stefan Andersson becomes the CEO of eCraft International

Maria Heimonen.



Stefan Andersson has been named as the new CEO of eCraft International. Stefan has a strong IT background having previously worked at multiple IT consultancy and tech firms such as AstraZeneca, CoreTeam and AddPro. Intrigued by the possibilities of entrepreneurship, he started his own company Viridis IT in 2008 which specialized in IT infrastructure and consulting. The firm grew quickly, about 40-50 % per year, whilst maintaining profitability, and attracted the interest of multiple investors. In 2014, Stefan sold the company to TDC Sweden. Having spent two years steering the IT solutions business unit at TDC, he decided it was time for some new challenges in the form of eCraft International.


When asked why he chose eCraft International Stefan responded:

”I have always had a strong interest in both technology and human interaction so IT consulting is where I feel most at home. What interested me most about eCraft were exactly these two things: Talented people and an amazing work atmosphere combined with cutting-edge solutions that unleash the power of our customers’ core business systems through superior user experiences. I need to go to work each morning feeling that we are truly making a difference in our customers’ lives, otherwise this just really isn’t worth it for me.”


eCraft International’s core competency lies in helping its customers develop effective, efficient and competitive business processes. Users, regardless if they are employees, customers or partners, get modern consumer-grade user experiences while management retains control and visibility into the processes. The company’s customers include well-known brands like Getinge, MIO and Systemair. Future goals for the company include managing and maintaining the fast growth and further developing the product offering. With amazingly skilled employees focused on delivering superior customer experiences and company values that support innovation and agility, the future looks extremely positive:


“eCraft International has been growing fast from the start and the next year will be focused on building an even stronger platform for continued growth. There is a huge demand for better software with an amazing user experience in order to harvest the full value of traditional ERP systems. But we will also consider expanding our offering with the things that we are already today offering to the Finnish market; Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, CRM Online, Power BI and the new eCraft GO package. I believe that our strong focus on user experience combined with a genuine understanding of our customers’ business processes also distinguishes us from the rest of the market. I am extremely excited to be a part of this “, Stefan summarizes.




eCraft International is a privately held IT company founded in 1999.  Based in Malmö, we employ 35 highly talented IT professionals who focus on unleashing the business value from ERP systems through better user experiences and higher productivity.  eCraft International is part of the eCraft Oy Ab Group, which employs more than 150 professionals in both Sweden and Finland. The company turnover in 2015 was over 145 MSEK.


For further information, please contact:


Stefan Andersson

CEO, eCraft Sverige Ab

tel. +46 76 622 5103