eCraft signs strategic partnership with Ciber.

Rudolf Ekström.

eCraft's app and growth success story continues. Our latest step in this story is that we have signed a strategic partnership with Ciber.

Ciber is a truly global IT consulting company approaching 1 Billion USD in annual revenue, with 6500+ employees and 58 global offices. Ciber has been selected  as the top Infor alliance partner for the last 2 years and has a strong relationship with Infor executive leadership.

For us this means our global reach is increased and for our customers it means access to the broad range of competencies within Ciber’s M3 group.

From left to right: Josep Pou Witty: Infor Practice EMEA – Sales at Ciber, Patrik Hallberg: Infor Practice EMEA – Delivery at Ciber,  Fredrik Johansson: Managing Director, Sweden at Ciber & Bert-Olov Bergstrand: Sales and Marketing Director at eCraft.

”Ciber already has a strong network of value added contributors to solutions and eCraft is a key component for us to enable our mission.

”We help companies outperform their competition by applying technology and talent with unique insight, global scale and a powerful network of aligned strategy partners”.

eCraft will be a differentiator for us in the M3 market, enabling us to create business value and great user experiences for our customers. I look forward to a close and fruitful relationship that will drive benefits for our customers.”

- Patrik Hallberg, Delivery responsible Infor Practices EMEA at Ciber


“At eCraft we are very exited about our new partnership with Ciber.

Their position as the primary global actor in the Infor network and combined with their M3 strategy makes them an ideal partner for us and a key component in our future growth plans.

I am certain this will be a relationship that is a genuine win-win-win for our customers, Ciber and us.”

- Nicklas Andersson, CEO eCraft International


For more information please contact Nicklas Andersson or Fredrik Johansson.

 Andersson Nicklas,                                                                

CEO eCraft International

t: +46 70 228 37 10


Fredrik Johansson,

Managing Director, Sweden

t: +46 708 44 10 30