Niklas Hoffstedt joins eCraft International as a sales manager

Maria Heimonen.



Niklas Hoffstedt has been named as a new sales manager for eCraft International. Niklas has a strong background in IT having worked at IT consultancy firms such as Computerland, Merkantildata and Addpro since the mid 90’ in both the technical and sales side. In 2008 Niklas co-founded IT infrastructure and consulting company Viridis IT together with the eCraft International CEO Stefan Andersson. The company was sold to TDC Sweden in 2014.

“Entrepreneurship has always driven me forward and that’s why I co-founded Viridis IT in 2008 together with the current CEO of eCraft International Stefan Andersson. After selling the company to TCD Sweden in 2014, I worked within the IT business unit sales for two years and then decided it was time for new challenges. “

 On choosing eCraft as his next career path Niklas concluded:

“I feel that at eCraft International each and every employee possesses the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that me and Stefan first had when we first started our company. That spirit drives innovation and I am excited about the possibilities we have at eCraft around bringing usability and effectiveness into core business systems. With this highly talented bunch of people I believe we are making a real difference in the way that our customers work now and in the future. I am extremely excited to be a part of this!“

eCraft International focuses on helping its customers develop effective, efficient and competitive business processes. Users, regardless if they are employees, customers or partners, get modern consumer-grade user experiences while management retains control and visibility into the processes.

“In 2017 we will continue to invest in the development of our applications that focus on system usability and the effectiveness of people and processes. I see Niklas as an important part in the continuing growth of eCraft International”, eCraft International’s CEO Stefan Andersson summarizes.

eCraft International is a privately held IT company founded in 1999.  Based in Malmö, we employ 35 highly talented IT professionals who focus on unleashing the business value from ERP systems through better user experiences and higher productivity.  eCraft International is part of the eCraft Oy Ab Group, which employs more than 150 professionals in both Sweden and Finland. The company turnover in 2015 was over 145 MSEK.


For further information, please contact:


Stefan Andersson

CEO, eCraft Sverige Ab

tel. +46 76 622 5103