Increase profitability by building a World class service organization

We provide you with tools that digitalize the whole process, from registering equipment breakdowns to scheduling preventative maintenance and managing installations; getting info out to technicians and then getting it back into the system; and from communicating the current status to customers at all times. This way you gain the ability to analyze the service processes from end to end, which is key to gaining the capability to continuously improve efficiency and profitability.


Infor M3 extended with an end-to-end service flow

The solution enables field technicians to perform end-to-end service tasks with end-to-end visibility.

New jobs and reports can be added by service technicians in the field without interacting with the back-office and, at the same time, back office personnel and management can create, update and process service tickets and reports. This gives you real-time visibility into the ongoing activities and all existing material such as customer and contract history, time reporting and time sheets, and project reporting and scheduling.

Processes for warehouse operations and inventory management are supported as well, so that technicians can manage spare parts, installations and related ordering processes.

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This is the most user-friendly business application implementation I’ve ever been part of.


Why should you buy this particular Field Service app?

There are many field service tools out there, but they all tend to rely on extracting data from your ERP, modifying it, and then trying to push it back. We are different. We give you real time communication between technicians, M3 and the back office.

Our eCraft Fabric technology is a natural extension to Infor M3, and allows for user experiences where M3 data and logic is still used, but can be interacted with in a modern way. All information is displayed in real-time from M3, and any changes that the user makes are applied instantly. Furthermore, for those situations when a data connection is not available, the app will let you keep working offline until you get network coverage back. You can keep reporting on your work as you go with accuracy and ease without worrying about network access.

Because there is no duplication of data and logic, the solution is easy to implement and the whole user experience can be designed to match exactly your needs. We have extensive experience from hundreds of deliveries that make us the primary experts on advanced user experiences on top of M3.

Clear overview of your workload

Role-specific start screens that clearly show information relevant to you and your work, and where different assignments are in the workflow.

Advanced Notification system

Notifications can be added for all relevant process events, and can be sent as SMS, emails or be displayed in the app.

Collect customer signatures

Your customer can see a summary of the work performed and the related costs and sign for them right in the app.

Flexibility for technicians

Service technicians can easily manage every aspect of the service process, from job creation to collecting signatures for completed work and managing inventory.

Seamless offline functionality

Work wherever you are without having to worry about whether or not you have coverage. The system will handle both going offline and coming back online automatically.

Transparency through the flow

Real-time visibility on the status of every ongoing job for regional managers and the back office. In addition, metrics are collected from every step in the flow so that you can build advanced KPI:s.



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