Drastically reduce how much you spend on Indirect Procurement

Research shows that cutting a quarter of your costs on indirect spend, especially within MRO, is fully possible. Since your indirect spend can easily consume between 10 and 20% of your total revenue you can make significant cost savings.


Take control of your purchasing processes

We give you a simple experience for requesting and managing purchases. One where the people participating no longer need to be M3 experts.

Infor M3 doesn't support Indirect Procurement as well as it could from the point of view of the requester and the approver. This is one reason why many companies have moved indirect procurement out of M3 and into an external tool. Since we always recommend that you use as much as possible of what is already in M3, we cover those gaps that push people towards external solutions. The result is an effective and flexible end-to-end process where M3 still remains in control of all data.

We have extensive experience from hundreds of deliveries that make us the primary experts on advanced user experiences on top of M3.

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With this solution we can cut our processing time in half in our procurement process. This and the reduction in incorrect purchases will provide us with major cost savings.


No duplication of data and no expensive integrations

An external procurement solution will duplicate a lot of data and logic that is already in M3. In addition, some of the external logic and data may even be in conflict with what is in M3. The outcome is either costly integrations or drastically reduced control over the procurement process in M3.

Our eCraft Fabric technology is a natural extension to Infor M3, and allows for user experiences where M3 data and logic is still used, but can be interacted with in a modern way. All information is displayed in real-time from M3, and any changes that the user makes are applied instantly. Because there is no duplication of data and logic, the solution is easy to implement and the whole user experience can be designed to match exactly your needs.

Avoid uncontrolled spending

So called “maverick” purchases, where no approval process is applied, can be a large part of your procurement. Research has shown that you can on average cut at least 2% of your spend by taking back control.

Transparency for everyone

The requestor, the approver and the purchasing department all see what is going on and in what stage the process is in.

Limit the number of suppliers

Having too many suppliers is a common problem, but you need better tools to be able to reduce the number and to negotiate better contracts with the ones you want to keep. Savings of up to 30% can be achieved by reducing your pool of available suppliers.

Request material by photograph

What needs to be replaced may be old, hard to identify, and the exact product may no longer be available. Photos help your colleagues identify the correct replacement.

Reduce incorrect purchases

When buying MRO materials the risk of purchasing the wrong items is significant. Research shows that with good tools the number of incorrect purchases can be reduced by 50%. This significantly reduces the cost overhead of the process.

Work with punch-out catalogs

We support connecting supplier catalogs based on the common cXML standard. This greatly simplifies interaction with your major suppliers.


Through Lean Value Stream Mapping we've measured the results of implementing our solution.

The average process time in your company is reduced from 20 days to 17.5 days. This is an improvement of 12.5%. If you want to improve supplier reaction times as well, ask us about our Supplier Portal.

The average work time spent on a purchase is reduced from 44.5 minutes to 17 minutes. This is an improvement of 61.8%. Multiply your employee cost for that half hour with the number of purchases per year and you get an idea of the magnitude of savings you can achieve. The ROI time for this solution is very short.


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