Visibility and actionable insight for machine operators

Visibility down to the manufacturing shop floor, from planners to operators, is essential for an even, uninterrupted flow. You get an easy and intuitive way of handling all your scheduling and reporting when you need it, and management has a real-time view into whats going on. 


Infor M3 extended with Real-time Tools for Operators

The power of M3 for manufacturing but with a modern graphical user experience that visualizes the list of work orders and the list of operations that are expected to be performed in the sequence they ought to be performed.

Report on the work as you go with accuracy and ease. We guide you so that reporting becomes as easy as using a consumer app.

Operators see the sequence of operations that need to be performed for the day and can easily enter how these operations proceed so information is constantly up-to-date. They can also choose the optimal sequence for performing tasks if they are not already in the right sequence or if something happens that makes the original sequence impossible.

What the operator does is immediately visible in M3 so you get instant feedback from the shop floor, so planners see real-time info about whats happening on the shop floor. This solution results in a real-time conversation between M3, operators, planners and management.

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There are many planning tools on the market, but this is the only one that is attached to M3 in real-time.


Give your operator real-time information from the manufacturing equipment and M3

There are many tools out there that can let operators report on the work they are performing but they all tend to rely on extracting data from your ERP, modifying it, and then trying to push it back. We are different. We give you real time information flow between the operator, M3 and the manudacturing equipment.

Our eCraft Fabric technology is a natural extension to Infor M3, and allows for user experiences where M3 data and logic is still used, but can be interacted with in a modern way. But it also lets you connect to other systems, sensors and equipment, for example the machinery in your plant. All information is displayed in real-time, regardless of if it comes from M3 or from a device.  Any changes that the user makes are applied instantly. Because there is no duplication of data and logic, the solution is easy to implement and the whole user experience can be designed to match exactly your needs.

We have extensive experience from hundreds of deliveries that make us the primary experts on advanced user experiences on top of M3.

Listen to the machines

We provide connectivity to machinery on the shop floor. Run times, performance etc. can be transformed into input for M3.

Perform operations in the optimal order

The operator gets more insight into work that needs to be done, and can react to exceptions or reorder work to respond to problems that arise.

Use sensors where possible

Use technologies like RFID, NFC, Bluetooth LE  and even barcodes to minimize the need for manual entry.

Real-time information available to everyone

Most other operator tools extract data from M3 to allow the operator to work on it. They push data back at specific intervals, for example at the end of a shift. We do it in real-time.

A real-time view across factories

You can get insight into what is happening right now, across different factories and units.

Use whatever device makes the most sense

Depending on your shop floor situation you can use whatever device is most suitable. Tablets, phones, touch screens, handhelds and so forth.



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