Get visibility into your just-in-time manufacturing

Visibility through the entire supply chain, from customer orders down to individual operations, is essential for better decision making. Only this way will your people be able to control and own the entire production process.


Infor M3 extended with a visual planning board

The power of M3 for manufacturing, but with a modern graphical user experience that lets you visualize the workflow from end to end.

We provide a visual gantt-like timeline view where you instantly see things as they happen, and make changes and corrections as needed. Whereas M3 would only let you look at individual operations separately, you can now see how everything fits together to form the whole chain. You still have the full power of M3 available to you, and rescheduling and changing the plan is easy through a full drag-and-drop experience.

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There are many planning tools on the market, but this is the only one that is attached to M3 in real-time.


Why should you buy this particular planning app?

There are many tools out there that can provide a visualization of your plans, but they all tend to rely on extracting data from your ERP, modifying it, and then trying to push it back. We are different.

Our eCraft Fabric technology is a natural extension to Infor M3, and allows for user experiences where M3 data and logic is still used, but can be interacted with in a modern way. All information is displayed in real-time from M3, and any changes that the user makes are applied instantly. Because there is no duplication of data and logic, the solution is easy to implement and the whole user experience can be designed to match exactly your needs.

We have extensive experience from hundreds of deliveries that make us the primary experts on advanced user experiences on top of M3.

Highly visual planning board

Highly visual planning board

100% visibility into the entire supply chain from end-to-end/beginning to end. Laid-out in a modern Gantt-like user interface that is easy to use and can be interacted with by the whole team.

Directly integrated to M3 in real-time

Directly integrated to M3 in real-time

Seamlessly combined with M3 so all your planning happens in real-time.

Optimize usage of capacity across work centers

Optimize usage of capacity across work centers

Visualize the workflow from beginning to end, including all the orders, operations and capacity utilization of the work centers involved. Reschedule work or reassign workers to achive optimal capacity utilization.

Spot conflicts between orders

Spot conflicts between orders

Quickly and easily spot problems, conflicts with order deadlines, bottlenecks, production and delivery conflicts and correct with simple drag and drop.

Plan and Reschedule as needed

Plan and Reschedule as needed

Plan the whole supply chain starting from a set delivery date. When needed, change the plan using drag-and-drop, and any related work further down the chain gets rescheduled automatically.

See the whole supply chain

See the whole supply chain

See the supply chain all the way from the customer order to individual operations.



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