Marketing- and customer privacy policy

Description of file and data protection

Data protection description pursuant to personal data legislation (in particular, the Personal Data Act 523/1999, Sections 10 and 24).
Description updated 10 April 2018.


1. Controller

eCraft Oy Ab
Linnoitustie 6 B
FI-02600 Espoo, Finland


2. Contact person for matters related to the data file

eCraft Etima Oy Ab
Linnoitustie 6, 02600 Espoo
+358 20 759 8600

The technical implementer’s privacy statement can be read at:


3. Name of data file

eCraft Oy Ab’s customer and marketing register


4. Purpose of processing personal data

The personal data are processed for the purposes of eCraft Oy Ab’s customer communication and other management of customer relationship, marketing, administration, development, analysis, service provision and personalisation and for business development and planning. The personal data are processed to the extent allowed and required by the Personal Data Act.

By collecting and processing personal data, we may also send you targeted marketing and customer messages. If, however, you do not wish to receive messages from us, you can notify eCraft Oy Ab about that at any time.


5. Information content of the data file

The register may include the following information regarding any data subject:

  • Name
  • Contact details (e-mail address, telephone number)
  • Company and position in company
  • Company’s line of business, amount of net sales or net sales category, company size and other information describing the business of the company
  • Contact details for the company
  • Information about marketing prohibition
  • Information that promotes marketing and sales, such as marketing measures targeted at the data subject
  • Information pertaining to online behaviour on eCraft Oy Ab’s Website, such as link clicks, form filling and displayed web pages
  • Other information collected based on the customer’s consent

We save information in the register that you have provided via the contact forms on the eCraft Oy Ab website or its subdomains or by e-mail. If you have not visited an eCraft Oy Ab website or otherwise shown interest toward the information relayed to you within 24 months, your personal data will be deleted.


6. Regular data sources

The personal data in the register are collected from the data subjects, the controller’s customer information system, information obtained by the website, publicly available online sources and any other public sources.


7. Regular disclosure of data

In order to provide you with the best possible service experience, we may have to transfer or disclose your personal data to our partners to the extent required by the implementation of the service. Our partners process the data confidentially and do not disclose them to third parties. eCraft Oy Ab may also disclose information within the framework of and to the extent required by the applicable legislation outside of the EU/EEA, for example for implementing the technical maintenance and processing of the data by partners.


8. Register protection principles

The data are stored in information systems that are secured by technical means. Only employees of the company have access to the data contained in the register, using the access rights granted by the controller. Persons processing the data in the register are bound by a confidentiality and non-disclosure obligation.


9. Right of review and rectification

Pursuant to the Personal Data Act, data subjects have the right to review the information stored in a register pertaining to the data subject. The data subject may request the review and/or rectification of his or her data by contacting a contact person for matters related to the register and by submitting a written, signed request by mail or e-mail.


10. Right to prohibit processing

Data subjects have the right to prohibit the processing of information pertaining to the data subjects for direct marketing by contacting our contact person and submitting a written, signed request by mail or e-mail.

We continuously develop our services and therefore reserve the right to amend this privacy statement when changes to our activities or legislation require that. We will publish any amendments on our website. This privacy statement is valid as of 10 April 2018.


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